THIMUN History

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) started small, as a local MUN conference in The Hague in 1968 by Mr. Paul Sand from the American School of the Hague. In 1981 the THIMUN Foundation was established and is today directed by a Board of Directors.

More than half a century later, THIMUN has become a global leader in the MUN community. We organize four yearly MUN conferences as well as other regular MUN-related events throughout the world, and more are coming. We provide support for countless other MUN conferences on all continents and maintain a prestigious affiliation programme.

In 1995 the THIMUN Foundation was accredited as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. In 2003 the THIMUN Foundation was granted Roster Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Representatives of THIMUN have attended meetings in New York.

THIMUN Singapore was established in 2004 as a sister conference to THIMUN(The Hague Model United Nations) and is a part of the THIMUN Foundation;  It has taken place since the very first conference in the prestigious Hwa Chong Institution.

From 2014 to 2017 THIMUN organized a THIMUN Lating America Conference held in Uruguay, it is now a conference within our affilated conferences programme. In 2011 the THIMUN Qatar Conference was created as a joint project between Qatar Academy and the THIMUN Foundation, and continues to hold its conference annually.

THIMUN Foundation held its 50th Anniversary THIMUN Conference in January 2018.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, who visited THIMUN in 2002, stated:

“The fact that THIMUN exists to uphold the values of the United Nations among the young is particularly important, since it is from the young that we should draw our energy and inspiration as we strive to make the United Nations effective and responsive to the needs of the people worldwide”.




THIMUN The Hague Conference returned as a in-person event after the COVID pandemic, with 2700 participants from 150 schools worldwide.


THIMUN Singapore and
THIMUN The Hague Conferences went
Online Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic with a custom built platform.


THIMUN the Hague 2020 went to a paperless conference


50th THIMUN The Hague Conference


First World Photo Exhibition

THIMUN Foundation held the first World Photo Exhibition


5th Annual THIMUN Qatar Conference


1st THIMUN Latin America Conference in Uruguay
& 10th THIMUN Singapore Conference.


1st Leadership Conference in Doha


Fran Laughlin & Alain Meidinger become
co-chairpersons of the THIMUN Foundation


25th MINIMUN Conference

THIMUN Foundation held its 25th MINIMU


1st THIMUN Qatar Conference by
the Qatar Academy in Doha

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani
becomes honorable patron of THIMUN Qatar.
Conference: About 1200 Participants.


5th THMUN Singapore Conference.

Conference: About 1500 Participants