Becoming THIMUN Affiliated

MUN conferences wishing to become THIMUN affiliated must fulfil all requirements before they can apply for THIMUN Affiliation.


  1. THIMUN Rules and Procedures must be enforced.
  2. The conference must be a Senior School conference (applications from Middle School conferences will not be taken into consideration).
  3. The conference must be attended by a minimum of 250 participants from at least 10 different schools.
  4. The conference must last a minimum of 2 days.
  5. The organising school must attend one of the THIMUN Conferences (The Hague, Singapore or Qatar).
  6. The conference must have been held at least four times before, and affiliation can be applied for only from the fifth year onward.
  7. The conference must consist of at least 6 committees.

When investigating and deciding on the follow-up on a request for THIMUN affiliation, the above are the basic requirements. However some other aspects will also be taken into consideration such as the number of affiliated conferences already existing in the region, the international attendance as well an international aspect to the issues to be debated.  The language of the conference and the student participation in the running of the conference will also play a role.


MUN conferences that fulfil all the requirements as mentioned above can then start the application procedure. The application procedure contains the following steps:

  1. The school must apply in writing (by email to to the THIMUN office with documentation and prospectus of the school and conference. This should include a letter of support from the principal/head of the school requesting the affiliation. This request should reach the THIMUN office at least 10 months before the dates of the conference to be evaluated.
  2. Once an affiliation visit is considered, THIMUN must receive copies of all documentation related to the MUN Conference, e.g. mailings, Handbooks, reports etc.
  3. Upon a positive evaluation of the request and the supporting documents, THIMUN will designate an assessor/evaluator. This can be a THIMUN Board member, THIMUN staff or other trusted THIMUN advisor.
  4. Unless the designated evaluator is attending the Conference as a participant, the Conference requesting the affiliation must pay the travel/accommodation expenses of the assessor and, therefore, need to budget for this.
  5. Evaluation reports will be returned to the THIMUN office as soon as possible.
  6. The THIMUN Board will discuss the report and inform the evaluator and the school requesting the affiliation of their decision as soon as feasible. The decision and a copy of the evaluation report will be sent to the Conference organisers.
  7. In the event of criticisms or a negative evaluation, a discussion will take place with the organisers with a view of making the necessary improvements. These improvements and recommendations must be put into practice by the conference following the evaluation in order to be considered for affiliation at a future date.
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