Rules for affiliated conferences

  • THIMUN affiliated conferences are responsible for providing updated information by sending an evaluation report of their last conference which includes the number of participants and participating schools, the number of committees/forums and a general evaluation of the preparation process, the Student Officer team and the conference itself.
  • THIMUN affiliated MUNs must give written credit to THIMUN in their mailings, statements to media and all other documentation. This also applies to websites: a link to the THIMUN website must be included on the front page of the website of the THIMUN affiliated MUN.
  • Full acknowledgement must be given, with the source clearly stated, for the use of any THIMUN materials.
  • The organising school must attend one of the THIMUN Conferences (The Hague, Singapore or Qatar) at least every second year.

Not adhering to these rules and conditions will automatically result in losing the THIMUN Affiliation status.


MUN affiliated Conferences must be re-evaluated and accredited on a regular basis, approximately every five years. The frequency of the re-evaluation lies within the discretion of the THIMUN Board. The same requirements as mentioned in the section “How to become THIMUN Affiliated” apply for re-affiliation.

Debate at St Andrew’s College MUN 2019
Participants at St Andrew’s College MUN 2019