Throughout the Conference week the World Forum cloakroom in the entrance lobby is available for students and MUN-Directors to leave their coats. The World Forum charge is 1.50 Euro per item. Please note however that the Convention Centre will not accept (hand)bags or laptops. You will have to keep these with you at all times. 


Photocopying of relevant documents will be done at EUR 0.10 per copy at the Info Booth.
Please note that posters, flyers and other publicity material will not be copied.


At the THIMUN Sales stand you can purchase your personal THIMUN souvenirs. The stand is located on the first floor in front of the glass wall towards the World Forum Theatre. 


In the WF Theatre, there are six doors. Delegates may enter only through the two middle doors at the side of the hall and may exit through the doors at the rear. The front doors are set aside for the use of Student Officers, Board Members, Advisory Board Members and VIPs. 

Official Photographs

Each year two official photos will be taken of each school group, including all delegates, officers, MUN-Directors and other participants of your school. The photos will be taken in the WFT lobby on the 2nd floor. Please check the time schedule (in the folder handed out to the MUN-Directors) to see at what time your school photo will be taken. Each participant will receive two pictures, which can be picked up by the MUN-Director on Friday at the Information desk.